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Welcome on my small, personal homepage.

First of all a few facts about myself. My name is Ronald Crabbendam, born in 1965 and I live in Haarlem. I work as an Account Manager for Vertiv Benelux BV, a company that manufactures and sells static AC No Break systems & cooling equipment in the Data Center market.

On the following pages you will find some information about the things that keep me busy in my free time and which I am passionate about.

At the moment only my classic car is featured here but there are some other hobbies that may be worth spending some cyberspace like simracing and music.


I've always had a thing or two with classic cars and the past decades I've owned a variety of oldtimers. But since 2000 I'm stuck with my Fiat 2300S Coupé and never get tired of it. Here's how it all began.


In 2007 a 15 month restauration started and as with all restaurations we did not really have a clue what we could expect after dismantling the car.... Have a look at the complete story. 



In 2014 I met Mirko Cocco of Cinecars who is a gifted moviemaker. Mirko made quite a few video's about classic cars and my Fiat was one of his stars. You'll find the story, the pics and movie on this page.

Have fun & in case of remarks or questions, just drop me a mail at



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