After the 2001 respray I soon found out that it was not really up to standard.... not my standard anyway. A very thin coat of paint on the sills which was very rough, all over the body small bubbles and later the paint even cracked open. Because the welding and the coating of the bottom were done exquisitly well, the poor paintjob quality started to irritate more and more over time. Also engine bay and boot deserved a thorough clean up.

First ideas about restoring the Fiat date back to about 2005 but financial and practical issues always prevented me from realising these plans. Beginning 2007 finally a decision was made: my friend Thomas in Germany would do the job for me.He has the space, the knowledge and experience to restore the Fiat in its former glory. 

EarlyMay 2007 the Fiat started its last 650km trip to Neubukow near Rostock and finished this as expected without any problem at all. The same week we started to take the car apart.

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