2008 - body / glass

The Fiat had been at the paintshop untill just before Christmas 2007. Starting in January 2008 the restauration continued step by step. Below a very rough and certainly not complete overview of the proces. Thomas inspected, cleaned, repaired and/or restored every single piece and parts before re-assembly and I know that this must have taken hours and houtrs and days and days to complete.

2008 - bonnet / doors

Tons of filler everywhere and even a few holes on the front edge of the bonnet. Other than that quite solid material to work on. Behind the filler on the door lots of rust and holes.... the holes kept getting bigger and bigger....

2008 - Interior / dashboard

The sheer amount of elbow grease, patience & time is hard to grasp. Thomas must have spent hundreds of hours to check every single item and eventually repair or restore it. Below pictures show creativity to the next level and I love it. 

2008 - Engine & gearbox

Also with the engine and gearbox the devil was in the details.Hours and hours were spent masking and painting, welding the new crank shaft breather. Parts were cleaned and polished and even a specially handcrafted bracket for the fuelfilter was made.  The biggest challenge was the wedding: getting engine/ gearbox combination into the engine bay. At last some suspen sion parts had to be unbolted to get the job done. But it was done perfectly and ik looked absolutely brilliant.