MAY 2007 - body / glass:

First of all the glas was removed to inspect the window frames. Apart from a layer of surface rust this all looked reasonabely well. Also behind the bubbles and cracks no serious problems. Behind the door gaskets a lot of water and rust was found but also there just a few minor holes that can easily be repaired.

The amount of filler on the car is really amazing, never seen anything like it before. On virtually every panel enormous thick layers of filler could be found and underneath quite some surface rust.

Just have a look at the pictures which speak for themselves.

MAY 2007 - bonnet & doors

Again tons of filler everywhere and even a few holes on the front edge of the bonnet. Other than that quite solid material to work on. Behind the filler on the door lots of rust and holes.... the holes keep getting bigger and bigger....

MAY 2007 - Interior / dashboard

The interior itself did not provide any problems. Front and rear seats, carpets and panels came out easily, only steeringwheel and the handles required a cautios approach. Behind the dash there was an enormous amount of surface rust and it turned out that this area had never been sprayed... ... just imagine bare metal 45 years old.

MAY 2007 - Engine & gearbox

Finally the engine and gearbox were lifted, which was quite a delicate job due to the size of this lump of metal. Close examination revealed a few interesting things. The oilleaks appear not to be as bad as they actually look and can simply be fixed with some new seals. Secondly the whole clutch assembly had been installed the wrong way round which had desastreus effects. Have a look at the pics below. Also we found out that my engine is basically a saloon engine so no special pistons and camshaft from Abarth.....  And finally it turned out that my Coupe sump did not really match the engine and that there are some differences in the sump ventilation system. This however can be solved quite easily.